Destruction of the world

Allen was on patrol into the western territories known also called the Great American Wasteland when he discovered a diary from a soldier long frogotten telling the story of what happened during the Great War.

The DiaryEdit

I remember when the bombs fell, on that day when the whole world just blew up right there. It was horrible, entire cities were destroyed, entrie nations obliterated and whole continents just burned in an endless wave of nuclear fire. I was only a child playing in the field and my dog and my sisters were living in a bomb shelter and I called them crazy and then BOOM! The whole fucking world just blew up. I looked and saw the damn cloud over the city miles away and even saw the flames from the buildings and me and my parents rushed to meet my sisters and my dog Jammy in the shelter. I made it but my dad and older brother didn't make it. I got some gear on a couple years later and woke up to find my second older brother Daniel and my dad James, have both their shadows just burnt into the walls of the shelter and still were burning hot I didn't know what to say. This was weeks after the city was hit and all I could hear for two hours were constant alarms and endless bombardment of nuclear warheads hitting the country. I knew what had already happen, it was the Russians. They had it out fir us the war began and were ready to launch them the moment their tanks conquered Warsaw and took over northern China. After the bombs fell and the fallout settled, I found some gear and traveled to see the surface but not after I petted my dog for the last time until I came back and buried him in my arms for comfort. I saw my home all burned up and gone, just gone. The whole neighborhood was gone and the city was well......lets just say there was a large graveyard for mankind's achievments before they blew it all up. I became the breadwinner and joined some nation called the Confederacy. I now have to fight mutation in my old home but I do it all for my family but hey, on the bright side, my dog is living way longer than he should.