remnants of the world

Aughust 14th, 2098

My name is Allen Walker. I was born and raised in Sation 4, a Fallout shelter out in the Western Territories. I'm about to travel to the surface for the first time since the Great War over 42 years ago. I'm a Private in the 144th Regiment of the Colonial Army and I was just recently tasked with retreiving valuable information from a downed enemy soldier which could give us an edge in our fight against the enemy and will go to the surface tomorrow morning. Still, I'm worrie. It's been years since the war ended and the surface is full of mutant creatures and territory is held by extremist factions. I have to make it to Sector 4 where it is literally 6 minutes away from an entry point to Staion 14, a vast Fallout shelter held by the Fascist Fourth Reich who have been hostile to anyone they see that isn't a Nazi or a human. 

Despite my fears an worries at least I'm not alone. I'm going up with someone named Mitch. I don't know him but, he atleast knows his way around and knows more about the surface than me so, I should be fine (I hope). I've heard stories of the surface before the bombs ever fell. Stories where mankind built vast endless bridges, cities, roads, and countries all across the seven continents of the world. Where people lived in their cities, free from fear, death, conflict atleast in most parts of the world. There was a war where whole nations nay, entire regions went to war with eachother and the bombs fell and whipped everything we had ever made off the face of this earth. Now, I must travel into the ruins of humanity and fight both monsters and what's left of it. God help me on this trip. All I can do now is hope and ifight to the end as cowardness is no longer tolerated back in Pre-War times.