Second Russian Civil War
Part of Post-Flood Conflicts
Russian Civil War

Map of combatants during the war
Date October 2024-November 2028
Location Russia, Belarus, Eastern Europe, Siberia
Result Decisive Russian Victory
  • Communist Rebellion crushed
  • New Bolshevik Party formed
Siberia and Eastern Russia reclaimed, Belarus annexed into Russia

Russian Federation

Support From:

  • Belarus
  • China
  • Ukrainian Volunteers
Communist Militants
  • Siberian Revolutionary Army
  • New Bolshevik Army
  • People's Army
  • Slavic Red Party
Caucasian Militants

Sami Liberation Army

President of Russia

Prime Minister of Russia Minister of Defense Chief of General Staff Colonel General of the Strategic Rocket Forces

Alexander Dimitri

Vladimir Petrov

Caucasian Militant leaders

Sami Separatist commanders

Russian Armed Forces
  • Russian Army
    • Spetsnaz
    • 144th Infantry Division
    • 72nd Armored Division
  • Russian Navy
  • Russian Air Force
  • Russian Missile Troops
  • Russian Airborne Troops
    • 84th Airborne Division
  • Russian Aerospace Defense Forces
Bolshevik Armt Militants

Siberian Revolutionaries
Red Slavis soldiers
People's Army insurgents

Caucasian militants

Sami Separatists

  • Many soldiers killed in combat and many more wounded
  • Heavy civilian casualties, many siberian settlers killed by communist militants
  • many Bolshevik Army militants killed and many more wounded
  • Siberian Communists almost wiped out and remnants go into hiding
  • People's Army and Slavic Red Party dissolved and most militants killed
  • Caucasian militants wiped out and survivors arrested
  • Many Sami separatists killed and wounded in combat

The Second Russian Civil War was an armed conflict fought between the Russian Government and communist militant organizations such as the Siberian Revolutionary Army and the New Bolshevik Army. The conflic began around October of 2024, two years after the flood and was one of the earliest conflcits in the Post-Flood Conflicts next to the Second American Civil War. The war ended in 2028 with the surrender and dissolution of the communist forces and the third party combatants were crushed and dissolved around that same time.


Tensions RiseEdit

During the events of the Flood, Russia had sealed off all borders with Europe to prevent European refugees from entering the country to seek asylum. During this time, flooded regions in Siberia began to freeze and the Russian Government had allowed Russians to settle in the frozen regions. At this time Belarus surrendered their independence to Russia and became a part of the country. During the Siberian colonization however, Communist militants had seized control over parts of the region and eastern Russia and declared the establishment of a new communist Russia and started the war after the Northern Settlement Massacre.

First Conflicts Edit

The officialy fisrt battle of the war was when a small division of the Russian Army was sent in to clear out the area of communists and sent in over 20,000 troops to deal with the Bolsheviks.