Second American Civil War
Part of Post-Flood Conflict
DC in Ruins

Washington DC on fire following countless military campaigns into the city
Date June 30th 2024-July 2032
Location North America, United States, Canada, Quebec
Result Strategic Commonwealth Victory
  • Collapse of the US Government
  • Commonwealth Sovereignty Act of 2032
  • Reformation and recreation of the United States
Quebec secedes from Canada and all US States become Commonwealths

640px-Flag of the United States.svg United States of America

Support from:

  • 640px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom
  • 900px-Flag of France.svgFrance
  • 1000px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany
  • 1000px-Flag of Canada.svg Canada
  • 900px-Flag of South Korea.svg-2South Korea
  • 900px-Flag of the Republic of China.svg-2Taiwan
Commonwealth FlagUnited Commonwealth of America
  • 1080px-Flag of Texas.svgTexas Commonwealth
  • 900px-Flag of Arizona.svgArizona Commonwealth
  • 750px-Flag of South Carolina.svgCarolina Commonwealth
  • 750px-Flag of Cross of Burgundy.svgSoutheastern Commonwealths
  • 1280px-Flag of Virginia.svgVirginia Commonwealth
  • 1200px-Flag of New Mexico.svg New Mexico Commonwealth

Support from:

  • 640px-Flag of Russia.svg-2Russia
  • 900px-Flag of the People's Republic of China.svgChina
  • 1000px-Flag of Bulgaria.svgBulgaria
  • 600px-Flag of Quebec.svgQuebec
President of the United States

Vice President of the United States
Joint Chiefs of Staff
European Leaders

  • Prime Minister of the UK
  • President of France
  • Prime Minister of France
  • President of Germany
  • Chancellor of Germany

Other Leaders

  • Prime Minister of Canada
  • President of South Korea
  • Prime Minister of South Korea
  • President of Taiwan
President of the Commonwealth
  • Chairman of the Texas Commonwealth
  • Chairman of the Caroline Commonwealth<br/*Chairman of the Arizona Commonwealth
  • Chairman of the Southeastern Commonwealths
  • Chairman of the Virginia Commonwealth
    President of Russia

President of China
President of Bulgaria
Prime Minister of Quebec

United States Armed Forces
  • United States Army
  • United States Navy
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States National Guard

British Armed Forces

  • British Army
  • British Air Force

French Armed Forces

  • French Army
  • French Air Force
Commonwealth Armed Forces
  • Commonwealth Army
  • Commonwealth Navy
  • Commonwealth Air Force

Russian Armed Forces

  • Russian Army
    • Spetsnaz
    • 78th Infantry Division
  • Russian Air Force

People's Liberation Army

  • PLA Ground Forces
  • PLA Air Force
  • Many American soldiers killed and wounded in combat
  • Many marines killed and wounded
  • Many tanks, light armored vehicles and other equipment destroyed and taken by Commonwealth Forces
  • Many European Forces killed and wounded in combat
  • Many Canadian soldiers killed and wounded in combat
  • Many Commonwealth soldiers killed and wounded in combat
  • Uncountable loss of civilians in the conflict
  • Moderate Russian/Chinese soldiers killed and many more wounded in combat
The Second American Civil War was the beginning of a long series of wars all across the world

The Second American Civil War was a massive armed conflict fought between the United States and the newly formed United Commonwealth of America. The conflict began around 2024 following the Great Flood and the collapse of the global economy and after a series of violent riots, plauges, economic failure, and political corruption, the newly formed Commonwealth had taken up arms and began to rebel against the US Government after years of political corruption and failure to rebuild American society. The war ended on July in 2032 following the capture of Washington DC and the collapse of the US Government



Prior to the war, an advanced biological weapon had caused the northern ice caps to melt and cause the whole world to expierence a massive flooding of their land. In the US, the east and west coasts were hit hard as much of Los Angeles had been submerged and the city was still expierencing mass flooding and the mainland to be hit hard with mass flooding on the coasts and diseases and viruses to plauge the country making the population suffer and collapse. The US Government had done little to nothing to stop the crisis and eventually thousands of Americans had tooken up arms and took over the southern and south northeastern states and declared the establishment of the United Commonwealth of America.

Southern FrontEdit

The conflict began on June 30th, 2024 when the Commonwealth was established and the US government deemed the nation a false state. In response, the United States Army was sent in to supress the uprising. This turned horribly wrong when Commonwealth Forces attacked Government troops starting the Second American Civil War. Government forces quickly got pinned down and retreated as one American soldier recalled; We're fighting our own people, of course we lost and expected a much larger from of resistance. Government troops were quickly sent down south to supress the insurgency as more and more territories were being conquered and the Commonwealth was expanding. 

As the campaign continued, Commanwealth Forces converged on Snate Fe, New Mexico where thousands of Government Forces were stationed in and soonattacked the city. US Forces fought off the Commonwealth soldiers but were soon overwhelmed and outnumbered and soon were forced to retreat. This was a major low towards the United States as after the Fall of Sante Fe, New Mexico was colonized and soon joined the Commonwealth. US Preisdent Andrew Clarke recalled the event as the "Great Fall" as the celebreation of New Mexicans being citizens of the Commonwealth had remined the US of their failure to maintain control over its southern territories.

European Military InterventionEdit

On August 6th, 2024, the French Government contacted the United States and requested that a French-led European Military Coalition could help the United States in their war against the Commonwealth. The US Government approved of the intervention and soon the European Union launched Operation: High Seas and sent in Air Forces and targeted Commonwealth military bases and positions. French Air Forces targeted Commonwealth Ground Forces and gave American Soldiers air support while they handeled the enemy forces from the ground. Despite the foreign support, the Commonwealth never gave up and was in the Mid-West by the time joint European-American Forces halted their advances. By then, it was No Man's Land for months on end with only a handful of victories on both sides.

Russian Military InterventionEdit

Russia had been a staunch supporter of the Commonwealth ever since it was founded as it was a way for the United States to be severly weakened and have Russia gain its strength and foothold on the world stage. In September, the Russian Armed Forces launched a massive bombing campagin against positions and territories held by US Government Forces and began to decimate the pacific territories of the United States. Eventually, the Russian Government called an emergency meeting and soon the East-Asian Coalition was formed and led by Russia, it launched a brutal military campaign against the United States and Europe in support of the Commonwealth.