Digital Journal 22/08/2039 -- It's been 6 damn years of hell right now, damn Zed's are everywhere by now. Last( contact with the Surface Outpost was...48 days...or 51 days ago, I can't remember. Jason shot the clocks and restarted most of the systems. Just to test our reactions! The guy is driving me nuts!

It started as a lesser form of an outbreak as we had already encountered something similar in 2027 (Also called year of the Death). But this was different, more lethal..

The Death rise again, as in 2027, but are more restless, more aggresive. In 2027 they attacked to feed, now they attack to kill, or to spread, nobody knows their real intentions.

It began in major cities around the globe (a reason to blaim terrorism) and slowly spreaded outwards. Armed forces were able to hold them at bay for a brief period, enough to evacuate a big number of civilians. When they fell the army took over.

They placed quarantine zones and made laws, which were unapproved by the governments, and regulations for travel between the zones. Every time they couldn't maintain their perimiters they bombed the whole place (as nuking them was useless, which they learned in 2028 with the nuking of L.A.).

Most of the Zed's survived these and got out. As the Zed's became restless, the pressure on the military became bigger and they too became restless. Several (succesfull) coups all over the world made sure they didn't need governmental approvement anymore. Most of these nations joined forces and 4 major powers rose from these alliances.

- The Global Alliance: Formed from the armies of the former US government. The biggest of the 4, they have power and influence all over the world. They rule Northern North-America and the West-Coast, Parts of Europe (Mostly near the British Canal) : Britain, Belgium, Northern France, Western Germany, Norway, Iceland, Portugal and Northwest Spain. They control the last uninfected parts of Japan, Eastern Russia and Eastern China.

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