Resource Wars
Part of Pre-Collapse Conflicts
CMS Terra-Nova 01

A Colonial soldier oversees a destroyed Confederate cruiser while on patrol (circa 2498)
Date 2484-2508
Location Earth, Human Colonies, Scorpio 4, Aptus Prime
Result CIS Pyrrhic Victory
  • Treaty of Berlin
  • Dissolution of the UCR
  • Human population decimated
Human Colonies granted complete independence from Earth rule, Human colonization increases, Natural Resources now from space

Union of Colonial Republics
  • Aptus Prime
  • Martian Colony
  • Moon Colony
  • Saturian Colony
  • Scorpio 4
  • Southern Colonies
Confederacy of Independent States
  • Jupiter Colony
  • Pluto Colony
  • Uranus Colony
  • Martian Separatists
  • Saturian Separatists
  • Scorpio 6
  • Scorpio 8
  • Northern Colonies
Independent Colonies
President of the URC
  • Chairman of the Colonies
  • Prime Minister of the Martian Colony
  • Prime Minister of the Moon Colony
  • president of the Saturian Colony
  • Chancellor of Aptus Prime
  • Chancellor of Scorpio 4

Leaders of the Southern Colonies

Premier of the CIS
  • Chancellor of the Colonies
  • Leader of the Martian Separatists
  • Leader of the Saturian Separatists
  • Chairman of the Pluto Colony
  • Chairman of the Uranus Colony
  • President of Scorpio 6
  • President of Scorpio 8
  • Leaders of the Northern Colonies
Independent Colonies Leaders
Colonial Armed Forces
  • Colonial Army
    • 4th Army
    • 72nd Recon Division
  • Colonial Navy
    • Northern Fleet
    • Space Marines
  • Colonial Air Force
  • Colonial Marine Corps
Armed Forces of the Confederacy
  • Confederate Army
  • Confederate Navy
    • Eastern Fleet
    • Axes Prime Regional Forces
  • Confederate Air Force
  • Confederate Marines
    • 84th Recon
    • 48th Airborne Division
Colonial Nationalists and Pro-Independence Separatists Insurgents
  • Many Colonial Soldiers killed and wounded in combat
  • Many Colonial ships and cruisers destroyed and damaged during the war
  • 20% of human colonies in the Southern sector destroyed
  • Many Confederate soldiers killed and wounded in combat
  • Many Confederate ships and cruisers destroyed and heavily damaged during the war
  • Many Confederate Rebels killed and wounded in combat

Aptus Prime Forces suffer heavy casualties

  • All commanders and forces killed and wipped out
  • Holdouts splinter off and suffer heavy losses

The Resource Wars was a series of armed conflicts fought between the Union of Colonial Republics and the Confederacy of Independent States in the late 25th Century in 2484 until 2508. The war was fought over the last remaining resources and resulted in the escelation of the conflict from Earth to the Human colonies and ended in a CIS victory.


Tensions RiseEdit

During the 2470's, the global economy had collapsed as over 20% of countries in the world had went bankrupt and riots began to flood the world. Mass immigration to human colonies became the norm. Armed Conflicts began to rise and soon things got worse when human colonies campaigned for independence from Earth Gov rule. In 2484, a coalition of human colonies and human nations had merged and formed the Confederacy of Independent States and believed that each and every human colony had the right to be an independen nation just like on earth. In response the United Colonial Republics were formed and saught to keep all remaining Pro-Earth colonies under their control and saught to defeat the CIS and declared war when the planet Arxes Prime was invaded and annexed by CIS Forces and the Human colony was taken over and the Pro-Earth government toppled.