Wake up.... Wake up

My name is John Vakani, a Indonesian citizen. It was 20 years ago when the Russains fired a nuke here. It was a direct hit and killed most of us. I'm one of the survivors, the community has a hatred of the world because of the radiation. Now, I'm living in a abandoned house with my friends.

I lifted myself up. My friend said "We'll escape from this area and get to Malaysia which was cleaned up from radiation" I nodded and picked up a AK-47 assault rifle. I walked out of the house and there were bodies everywhere. I saw a guard post. I aimed and killed him. His battle buddy saw him and tried to shoot me. My wounded friend shot him in the head. We picked up their weapons. They had gas masks, bullet-proof vests, helmets..... Everything! We contuned on the journey. As we reached the border, something came worse, some Malaysian soldiers were aiming at us. I shot one of them but the rest started shooting us. My friend got shot in the body. Just as I was dragging him fron gunfire, a man in digital camoflauge, wearing a helmet, ski mask, bullet-proof vest and held the latest assault rifle slamed the butt of the gun in my face.

I woke up, I saw the wounds from the attempted escape. I tried to break free, but I was tied to it, making me mad. Then, I heard something "How should we deal with him" a soldier said. A man in a disguised voice said "What's your name" I replied with "I'm not telling you f***tard" He punched me in the nose. It was bleeding afterwards.