Post-Flood Conflicts
Part of The Flood
Second Russian Civil War

Top:Russian Forces open firing on Communist militants, US Blackhawk lands in Iraq

Middle:Commonwealth soldiers attack a small Colorado town, Post-Nuclear Tehran Bottom:US Marines engaged in heavy fighting with Separatists,Islamic Militant open fires on Iranian Forces

Date 2024-2056
Location North America, Europe, Russia, China, Africa, Middle East
Result Global Peace Accords of 2056
  • Strategic Coalition Victory
  • Russian Communist insurgency crushed
  • Republic of China regains control over the mainland
Europe united under one banner, Canada merges with the United States, Iran annexes Northern Iraq, Russia reunified, United Federation of China established

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Republic of Kurdistan
  • State of Israel
  • Russia
  • China (Pre-Collapse)
  • Vietnam
  • Donetsk People's Republic
  • Swedish Liberation Army
  • Estonian Red Army
  • German Communist Party

Multiple European/American communist pro-Axis organizations

Middle Eastern Coalition
  • Iran
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Arabian State
  • Qatar
  • Turkey
Coalition Leaders
  • President of the United States
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • President of France
  • Prime Minister of France
  • President of Poland
  • President of Finland
  • Prime Minister of Israel
Axis Leaders
  • President of Russia
  • President of China
  • President of Vietnam
  • Chief Executive of the Donetsk Peoples Republic
  • Leaders of European Communist militant groups
Ayatollah of Iran

Middle Eastern Leaders

Coalition Military

NATO Forces

Axis Military

Communist Militants

Middle Eastern Armed Forces

Islamic Militants (opposing all sides)

  • many coalition troops dead and wounded

manyt Axis troops dead and wounded


Many Mid east forces dead and wounded

The Post-Flood Conflicts were a series of armed conflicts fought between various waring nations from 2024 until 2056. The conflict was fought over contorl of the remaining habital land and surviving resources which everyone suaght after. The war ended with the Global Peace Accords of 2056 and new nations were formed and rose from the ashes afterwards but there would soon be yet another major war.


Early WarsEdit

When the flood hit the world, many nations and nation-states had collapsed and soon fell into civil wars and massive armed conflicts fought between other nations and militant occupied states. In the United States, Florida was hit hard and the economy had collapsed. This soon led to a massive rebel uprising and resulted in massive civil war fought between the US Government and the newly established Commonwealth of America. In Russia, the country was forced into another civil war when communist militants of the New Bolshevik Army supported by countless other communist militant groups waged war against Russia to restore the communist Soviet Union and fought in the frozen region of Siberia. The longest armed conflict was the European Civil War which lasted from 2024 until 2040 and costed over 4,000,000 European lives.

The AmericasEdit

The United States was engulfed in a massive and bloody civil war that costed over 2.8 million lives in terms of casualties. The war then spilled over to both Mexico and Canada where violence skyrocketed and caused the destabilization of North America. In Cuba, Anti-Communist militants started a civil war in Cuba that destabalized the region until in 2048 when American Forces took over and annexed the island nation to stop the spread of violence and armed conflict in North America.