Iraq Conflict
Part of World War III
Invasion by wiredgear

American soldiers on patrol in Southern Iraq circa 2056
Date 2048-2068
Location Iraq, Arabian Peninsula, Northern Iran, Kurdistan
Result American Military Victory
  • Strategic Iranian Victory
  • Iranian Advancements halted
  • Kurdistan Secedes
Democratic Republic of Kurdistan established and gains independence, Iraq collapses and is divided and taken over, Iran colonizes northern Iraq and Jordan takes southern Iraq

  • United States of America
  • British Republic
  • United Republic of France
  • Dutch Federation
  • Poland
  • Kurdistan
  • Israel
Middle Eastern Coalition
  • Iran
  • Loyalist Iraq
  • Arabian Republic
  • United Arab Emirates
Coalition Leaders
  • President of the United States
  • Chancellor of the British Republic
  • President of France
  • General Secretary of the Netherlands
  • President of Poland
  • President of Kurdistan
  • Prime Minister of Israel
Middle East Leaders
  • Supreme Leader of Iran
  • President of Iran
  • Emire of Arabia
  • President of the United Arab Emirates
Coalition Forces
  • United States Armed Forces
  • British Armed Forces
  • French National Armed Forces
  • Dutch Security Forces
  • Polish Armed Forces
  • Kurdish Security Forces
  • Israeli Defense Forces
Middle Eastern Forces
  • Iranian Armed Forces
  • Iraqi Loyalists
  • Arabian Armed Forces
  • Emirati Armed Forces
Light Heavy
The Iraq Conflict was called the second campaign due to the fact that the first campaign was for Iranian dominance over Iraqi politics

The Iraq Conflict was an armed coflict fought between the Middle Eastern Coalition led by Iran and the Allied Coalition led by the United States. The conflict was over the discovery of dangerous weapon resources that Iran saught to use in their enemies in the Middle East particually Israel and thus the United States invaded to stop the weapon from being used on Israel or any other nation in the world. Eventually the United States was the clear and de facto winner of the battle after it halted Iran's advancements even after many victories.


Following the beginning of the Third World War with Japan's hostile advancements and attacks in the south china sea. Iran saught to contain the rise of Turkish power in the Middle East particually Iraq where Turkey was searching for a dangerous biological weapon and Iran got to it first. Iran then announced the weapon discovery and used it against Jordanian Forces and Iraqi Resistance fighters in Iraq and killed over 240 Jordanian/Iraqi Forces and Iran then started to invade Iraq and captured Baghdad. Turkey stalled their advancements and allowed Iran to take Iraq until the Coalition led by the United States interviened in the conflict and invaded Iraq to stop Iran from taking over whats left of Iraq and to prevent them from aquiring more Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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