Inside a Dalek is the fourth story taking place on a dalek-controlled Earth. It is part of the Daleks on Earth series.

Chapter 1Edit

Shadow raised the defabricator cannon, and smashed the person in front of him round the head. They collapsed, and he grabbed their rifle.

After the initial Special Weapons blast, he had gathered enough courage to return to the battlefield, and had taken Jack's defabricator before the Daleks noticed it. It looked easy enough to work, but he didn't want to test it and it was probably still recharging anyway.

Rather than get into a fight, Shadow left the room immediately, leaving the other person groaning on the floor. If he could use the defabricator, perhaps he could blast open the side of a Special Weapons Dalek, and learn how to control it. Maybe, at least, with the Dalek deactivated, he coud remove the cannon and use it as a handheld weapon.

He sneaked outside, keeping to the shadows and edging out of the square. He got back to the main road, and saw Daleks gliding up and down, clearly on maximum alert after the rebellion. There was no sign of a Special Weapons Dalek, so he kept hold of the defabricator and retreated down the alley.