Human-Promephean War
Part of Promethean Conquests

Promethean Battle Walkers attack a Human military outpost in Central Europe
Date 2048-2148
Location Solar System
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
Result Human Pyrrhic Victory
  • Collapse of the Promethean Empire
  • Human/Alien peace achieved
  • Promethean races splinter off
Pluto and Uranus destroyed, Moon damaged, Saturn and Mars terraformed, Earth biosphere severely damaged

Humans Promethean Empire

    • President of the General Assembly(†)
    • President Daniel Clarke
    • President of Russia
    • President of China
    • Prime Minister of Britain(†)
    • President of France
    • Prime Minister of Israel
  • Director Craig Murkoff

Other Human Leaders

Promethean Empire
  • Promethean Overlords(†)
  • Promethean Military Commanders(†)
Human Armies
  • United Nations
  • Global Security Forces
  • United States Armed Forces
  • British Armed Forces
  • French Armed Forces
  • Russian Armed Forces
  • People's Liberation Army

Other Human armies and militias

Promethean Universal Army
  • First Wave
    • First Fleet
    • Western Fleet
    • Overseers
    • Sovereign Pods
  • Majority of Human Military Forces ripped out and many Human soldiers killed and wounded in battle
  • Many Human soldiers abducted and experimented on, many Humans converted to alien soldiers
  • All Promethean invasion fleets destroyed and majority of ships destroyed
  • All Promethean forces ripped out
The Human-Promethean War had brought down the Promethean Empire due to Humanity's determine to survive

The Human-Promethean War was a massive armed conflict fought between Humanity and the Promethean Empire that started in 2048 and ended in 2148 a hundred years later with the collapse of the Empire and forced peace between Humans and Prometheans. The war had stretched across the Solar System and was fought for the Prometheans to aquire their acnient technology and ancient land.


First ContactsEdit

The first known contacts that Humanit had with the Prometheans was in 2040 when a Promethean cruiser hovered over New York City and caused the US Military to repond by sending in tanks and jets to appreheand the cruiser. The cruiser stopped and a small shuttle landed and Promethean Overlords stepped out. The Overlords anounced their existance and demanded peace between Humans and Prometheans in return and was granted until a European Missile accidently hit a Promethean cruiser and caused the Promethean Empire to declare war on Earth and start launching their invasion forces.

First AttacksEdit

Following the decleration of war, Promethean Battle Cruisers were sent in and began to fire at human forces. Missiles were launched and completely decimated Human Military Forces and enitre armies and batallions ere completely destroyed during the first attacks. United States Forces had managed to survive but the Prometheans began a massive assault on Seattle and forced the US into a massive and bloody conflict in the city. Promethean ground troops soon began to land and ravaged what little resistance there was and won countless battles both minimul and major. The first major human victory was in 2056 in the Midwest but by then, human casualties were bigger then both world wars combines leading to a temperary ceasefire and low-level combat. In 2060 the Prometheans launched another invasion fleet to wipout what little human resistance there was.