Flag of Free Finland

Flag of Free Finland

Free Finland was a pre-war government and was the former government of Finland prior to the Invasion of Europe during World War lll. It was made up of the remaining members and leaders of the Finnish Government prior to the war and they all fled to Norway and remained active in the Norwegian Capitol of Oslo. It supported the Finnish Resistance against the Russian Occupation and was dissolved during The Great War.



Sometime during the war, Russian paratroopers supported by Chinese Bombers attacked Finland and the country was soon invaded by the Eurasian Coalition. Eurasian Forces marched onto the nation's capitol of Helsinki and destoryed the Presidential and Parliament buildings. Surviving and remaining members of the Finnish Government had managed to escape and fled to Northern Finland until the Norwegian Government gave them the right to remain active in Oslo and was declared the official and rightful government of Finland after Eurasian Forces set up a puppet government in the occupied country. The President of Finland along with the Prime Minister had came out and voiced support and spiritual help for the people of Finland and claimed that he and the remains of the government would oppose the Eurasian Occupation of Finland until Russia pulled out.