Just a little short story about the last human on Earth.


The nameless man walked upon a barren wasteland. There was no visible life, as far as his eye could see. He could not remember the last time he ate. All the other humans died years ago, even decades. He saw no plants, only barren wasteland covered in rotting logs. He saw no animal life, except for insects that crawled amongst the rocks. The man ate a small beetle. It tasted vile, but it contained protein. He walked for miles and miles, until he reached the ocean. Even the ocean was empty, except for a small crab that crawled on the shore. He decided to walk away from the shore, and continued his trek across the barren land. Again, he saw no life except for small patches of moss and a few insects. The air was cold, and the man was freezing. He approached a small pond, choked with algae. The pond was mostly empty, as the only creatures he saw in there were a few Triops longicaudatus. Soon, it became so cold that the man could not walk. He shivered, and lay down on the barren rock. Insects bit his limbs and back, but he didn't seem to feel anything. He slowly lost his sight, but he didn't mind. Then he lost his sense of touch, then smell and hearing. After another few minutes, his heart stopped and his breathing ceased. The man had died. Humanity was extinct, all chordates in fact. Over the years, his body was eaten away by insects and bacteria. Buildings rotted and collapsed. The last remnants of our civilization faded away.

The End.