Shadow is a character in the Daleks on Earth series.


He is tall and athletic, with short black hair and brown eyes. He is fair-skinned.


After the Dalek Apocalypse, he did his best to remain hidden and adopted the name Shadow. He was less of a liar or thief than others, and knew several other survivors, such as Blade, Cobra and Carver.


His history before the apocalypse is unknown.

He survived months after the initial apocalypse, and after five months met Captain Jack Harkness, who had finally made it back to land after being dumped in the Pacific Ocean by the Daleks. He and Shadow organised a rebellion against the Daleks. However, after Jack used his defabricator to destroy a Dalek, they brought in the Special Weapons Dalek, which quickly crushed the rebellion. Shadow escaped the massacre to fight another day.