Razor is a character in the Daleks on Earth series.


He is tall and strong, with brown hair and eyes. He is fair-skinned.


His real name is unknown. After the Dalek Apocalypse, surviving humans became liars and thieves. No-one could be trusted, and real names were rarely used. He adopted to the codename Razor to inspire fear in other survivors.

He was as much a liar and thief as any other survivor of the apocalypse. He left another human to die so he could escape the Daleks.


His history before the apocalypse is unknown.

After the apocalypse, he adopted the name Razor so he would be feared. He was well-known amongst the human survivors, and had successfully avoided Daleks for a month or so.

He barely escaped an encounter with a powerful Special Weapons Dalek when it assumed he was dead after he was blasted. He recovered later, but found the blast had paralysed his legs. Unable to move them, he died from dehydration.