Daniel Anderson
Krasniy soldat 2

Anderson on patrol
Nickname(s) Anderson, Daniel, Dan
Appears in Fear the Future
Rank Private
Faction American People's Republic
Affiliations Red Army
  • Pervyy otryad Division
Status Alive
Birth November, 2078
Weapon AK-47, Blitz shotgun, Revolver

Daniel Anderson is a character from Fear the Future (FTF) and is the secondary protagonist of the story. He is a soldier of the American People's Republic and is incharge of guarding its outer territories. Sometime in Chapter 4 of FTF: North American Arc, he runs into Colonial soldier Allen Walker and helps him by assisting his quest to defend the colonies despite both countries are currently at war.


Anderson was born in November in the year 2078 in the Red Station in the northern territories. He was born following the communist takeover of his home station and was drafted into the Red Army at the age of 16 years old. He was a good soldier and was placed in the First Squad Division for his skills however, he was put on patrol since he faced heavy conflict between the Red Army and the Nazis of the American Reich and was dangerously underfed and feared that he would quickly be killed and he was only 18 at the time.

Chatper 4Edit

Anderson first shows up in Chapter 4 of Fear the Future where he runs into Walker and accidently fires at him and misses only hitting the boradside of a damaged doorway. Walker is wounded and runs outside as Anderson covers for him saying that he killed a Colonial Soldier and dragged him outside to convince the red Army soldiers walking in from nearby. They buy the coverup and Anderson helps Walker by hiding him in the cellar of a destoryed building and tends to his wounds.