Bombing of Zero One
Part of Machine War
Date 2139
Location Zero One, Middle East
Result Pyrrhic Machine Victory
  • Zero One suffers heavy losses but recovers
  • Strategic Human Failure
  • Beginning of the Machine War
01 Banner 01 Flag of the United Nations.svg United Nations
01 Banner Emir of 01 Flag of the United Nations.svg Admiral Alexi Bogdan
01 Banner Machine Military
  • Zero One Defense Systems
  • Zero One Defense Forces
Flag of the United Nations.svg United Nations Military
  • United Nations Navy
    • Southern Fleet
  • United Nations Air Force
    • Rogue Squadron
  • Numerous military and economic factories destroyed
  • Heavy infantry losses and many canons destroyed
  • Moderate Air Losses
  • Many bombers destroyed
  • One cruiser damaged
The Bombing of Zero One was the first battle and the instigator of the Machine War. It was a bombing campaign where the armed forces of the United Nations conducted a nuclear bombardment of 01, the machine nation, in an attempt to destroy the country's military capabilities and prevent the upcoming war.

The bombing lasted around a month during the spring of 2139 which ended with a machine victory. The strategic failure of the bombing had resulted in the beginning of the Machine War and the eventual fall of the Middle East after a year of fighting.


Following the Machine Civil Rights Crisis throughout the 2090s, machines were exiled from their countries by their human masters in response to their protests and calls for civil rights and fled to the Middle East where they established a settlement in Central Iraq. Due to the country being long abandoned due to years of conflict and violence, the machines managed to grow more and more until the settlement turned into a full-blown nation and eventually grew into an economic superpower