Battle of Stronghold 14
Part of People's Republic-Reich War

Communist soldiers besiege the Stronghold
Date June 16th, 2098
Location Stronghold 14
Result Decisive Communist Victory
Stronghold placed under Communist control

American People's Republic American Reich
Sergent Korbut

Commander Adams
Commander Cameron

Sergent Thompson
Red Army
  • Spetsnaz
  • First Squad
  • 14th Regiment
Reich Military
  • Nazi Ground Troops
  • Nazi Shock troopers
  • Waffen SS soldiers
  • Many soldiers killed in combat
  • many wounded
  • Sergent Thompson killed
  • Many Nazi soldiers killed
  • Most Shock Troopers killed
  • dozens more wounded
Rumor has it that a small band of snipers from the American Confederacy had participated in the battle although it's unknown who they fired at.

The Battle of Stronghold 14 was a major battle and a majpr event in the Fear the Future Trilogy. The battle occured when the Red Army from the communist American People's Republic had launched a massive, full frontal assault on Stronghold 14 and layed waste to the compound in an effort to prevent the American Reich from taking the facility. The conflict waged on until the Reich retreated and the compound fell under Communist control.


Prior to the Great War, Stronghold 14 was a military only Fallout shelter meant to protect members of the Pre-War United States Armed Forces. Years after the war, the compound is now empty and vast supplies of pre-war technology and high quality weapons that still work and can pierce all post-war military armour and gear. Seeing this as a major oppritunity, the Reich had sent in their soldiers to take the compound but the Red Army had the same idea. Once Nazi Shocktroopers entered the facility, the Red Army had attacked from all four sides and invaded and compound and began their slaughter of the Nazis.

The BattleEdit

The Battle waged on as Red Army soldiers had stormed the Stronghold and began to attack from the north and south. Nazi soldiers had been forced to spread themselves thin as wave after wave of communist soldiers attacked the facility and began to whipe out the Nazis who had been gaining ground outside in the north from communist south. Spetsnaz soldiers began to rope in and provide cover fire for their advancing comrades on the ground below from the sky-lines.