Asian Conflict
Part of World War III
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Top:Hong Kong after Japanese Drones attack it, Chinese civilians flee from Japanese UAV bombers in Shanghai

Middle:Japanese soldiers advance in the Gobi Desert, Japanese troops inspect a downed Chinese military helicopter
Bottom: Japanese Forces lay waste to a Chinese military base, American Scientists developing biological weapons

Date 2056-2084
Location East Asia, China, Eastern Russia, Korea, South East Asia, Indonesia
Result Phase 1: Strategic Japanese Victory
  • Chinese Military Forces decimated
  • Korean Resistance crushed
  • South East asia conquered

Phase 2: Decisive Coalition Victory

  • Fall of the Japanese Imperial Republic
  • Liberation of Russia and China
  • End of World War III
Phase 1: South East and South Asia invaded and colonized by the Japanese

Phase 2:All Japanese colonies liberated

  • United Federation of China
  • Federal Republic of Vietnam
  • Cambodia

Military Aid and Support

  • United States of America
  • British Republic
  • Republic of France
  • Serbia
Imperial Axis
  • Japan
  • Turkey

Puppet States

  • Manchuria
  • Bangladesh
  • Indian Nationals
Phase 1
  • President of China
  • Premier of China
  • Chairman of the Armed Forces
  • President of Vietnam
  • President of Cambodia
  • Prime Minister of Cambodia
  • Phase 2
  • President of the United States
  • Chancellor of the British Republic
  • Premier of France
  • General Secretary of Serbia
Japanese High Command
  • Supreme Leader of Japan
  • Chancellor of Japan
  • President of Turkey
  • Chairman of Turkey
National Defense Armed Forces
  • National Defense Army
  • National Defense Navy
  • National Defense Air Force

Vietnamese Federal Armed Forces

  • Vietnamese Federal Army
  • Vietnamese Federal Navy
  • Vietnamese Federal Air Force

Phase 2 Military Support

Japanese Imperial Armed Forces
  • Japanese Imperial Army
  • Japanese Imperial Navy
  • Japanese Imperial Air Force

Turkish Armed Forces

  • Turkish Army
  • Turkish Navy
  • Turkish Air Force
Heavy Heavy

The Asian Campaign was the military campaign in East and Southeast Asia during World War lll. After The Flood, the Japanese Imperial Republic saught to expand and expansion became manditory and soon Asia was plunged into full blown war. Phase 1 saw endless Japanese Military Victories that led to Coalition intervention in Phase 2 of the campaign.


First Campaign

The First Campaign/Phase 1 of the Asian Campign was the Battle of Singapore where Japanese Forces invaded Singapore and used it against the United Federation of China. Japanese Forces used the destabalized China and Southeast asia to their advantage and invaded Mainland China by entering into Manchuria to distract their Armed Forces and advance deep into South East Asia.
6 modern combat 4 zero hour

Japanese Forces attacking a small military UFC compound

Japanese Bombers then ravaged and decimated all Naval Defenses paving the wat for a fullscale gorund invasion. Japanese Forces marched right in and began slaughtering every single Chinese person ythey saw as Chinese Forces were stuck behind the walls of once was great cities now ruins. Japanese troops continued their campaign of conquest as the Japanese killed and slaughtered all who oppsed them and quickly conquered eastern China. The war quickly gained attention of the Coalition Forces who attempted to make it to China but needed to amass a massive military force strong anf capable enough of combating the fierce Japanese Forces who killed and ravaged mainland China and were ready for the Coalition Forces to arrive.