American people's Republic
Communist America Flag.png

Flag of the People's Republic
Leader(s) Premier Sevhchanko
Capitol Station 20
Region Western Territories
Government Single-Party Communist State
Establishment November 14th, 2072
Motto Workers of the World United
Population 180,000

The American People,s Republic, People's Republic, the Republic, APR, Communists or reds for short, is a far-left communist faction in Fear the Future and is one of the main antagonist factions within the trilogy. The APR plays a major role in the North American Arc and is curently at war with the American Reich.


Following the Great War and the collapse of human civilization, the People's Republic was the first post-war faction to emerge from the ashes of nucelar ruin in 2072. Upon its establishment, the Communist Government had imposed strict communist policies that governed the survivors and began to build-up its military forces often with forced military draftings. In 2074, the People's Republic won its first victory in the nation's expansion campaign when the Red Army had invaded and took over a nearby neutral fallout shelter and it quickly fell under Communist control.