American Empire
Flag of my american empire by generalhelghast-d4fzy0s
Historical Information
National Anthem March to Victory
Motto Glory to the American People
Foundation 2084
Founding Document Imperial Doctrine
Constitution The Rights of Man
Political Information
Government Absolute Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy
Capitol New Washington
Head of State Emperor/Empress of the American Empire
Head of Government Prime Minister of the American Empire
Legislation Imperial Parliament
Cultural Information
Population 980,000,000
Currency Imperial Dollar
Official Religion Christianity
Language English

The American Empire is a nation that was established following the end of World War lll and the beginning of the Second Ice Age as a new government tostabalize peace in all of North America. It was established in order to remove the authoritarian government and has since then been popular and the main government of North America.



See also: Imperial Revolution

Around 2084, the global climate began to cool down and soon the entire earth was stuck in a massive ice age. The US President at the time had imposed intense authoritarian policies that caused the fall of freedom and the downturn of liberty. In response the Royal Army launched an armed uprising and successfully overthrew the government and gained massive support from the American people