Allen Walker
Nickname(s) Private Walker, Allen, Al
Rank Private
Faction Colonies of America
Affiliations Colonial Army
  • 144th Regiment
  • 4th Squad

Colonial Marine Corps

  • 8th Squad
  • 12th Battalion
Status Alive
Birth October 4th, 2078
Weapon M4A1 Carbine

Allen Walker is a soldier of the Colonial Army and is the main protagonist of Fear the Future. He was born and raised in a fallout shelter and has since then been forced to fight against other factions that oppose his home nation; the Colonies of America and is the main character of the Fear the Future: North American Arc.


Allen was born in Station 12 in the year 2078, eight years after the Great War and the Nuclear Holocaust. He was raised based on Pre-War traditions and was taught to love and defend the Colonies since it is the only free and democtratic place in the Great American Wasteland. In 2094, Allen volunteered and joined the 144th Regiment of the Colonial Army along side other brothers in arms. He has since then became a famous soldier and has encountered hostile mutant creatures from the surface.

Fear the Future: Chapter 1Edit

In the first chapter of Fear the Future, Allen is on patrol with Mitchell to the surface of a destroyed subway station up in the Western Territories. At just 20 years old, Allen has become one of the youngest and most elite soldiers in the Colonial Army. He is seen on the surface and meets with Mich at the top of the station where he sees the destroyed trains and landscapes once active before the war. He and Mitchel wander around the building complex when a packk of wolves are spotted on the second level. Both of them arm themselves and begin to fight off the pack which are frequent inhabitants of the building.