Alex Winston

Alex fighting off mutants
Nickname(s) Winston, Cpl. Winston, Alexander, Alex
Rank Corporal
Faction British Republic
Affiliations British Republican Army
  • 4th Squad
  • Royal Guard
Status Alive
Birth October, 2078
Weapon SA80 Assault Rifle, M9 Pistol

Alexander WInston is a character from Fear the Future and is the main protagonist of FTF: Ruins of England. He was born shortly after The Great War in the United Kingdom and now fights for his country's post-war successor, the British Republic. He is one of the main characters of FTF: European Arc.


Sometime Before the War, Alex's older brother was fighting for the British Armed Forces in Europe during The Third World War in Europe to repel Eurasian Coalition Forces from Western Europe when the bombs fell. Alex was born in a Fallout shelter below the ruins of London and by 2098 he became a soldier at the age of 19.