African Confederacy
African Confederacy Flag
Flag of the African Confederacy
Historical Information
National Anthem United Africa
Motto Workers of Africa Unite!
Foundation 2030
Independence 2030
Founding Document Articles of the Confederacy
Constitution Articles of the Confederacy
Political Information
Government Single-Party Communist Confederacy
Capitol Pretoria, South Africa
Head of State Premier of the African Confederacy
Head of Government Chairman of the African Confederacy
Legislation African People's Assembly
Cultural Information
Population 550,000,000
Currency African Pound
Official Religion Christianity, Islam, Traditional Beliefs
Language Various Regional Languages

The African Confederacy was a pre-war international organization and was an ally of the Eurasian Coalition during the African Campaign. It was a communist confederacy that unified all of Southern and Eastern Africa under one banner and waged war against the African Union during World War lll. By 2048 however, the Confederacy was overrun and dissolved by June 12th of that year.