2048 Military Coup
Part of Post-Flood Conflicts

American soldiers stand outside the Headquarters of the Central Government
Date January 16th 2048
Location United States of America
Result President Irons ousted from power
  • Fall of the Second Republic
  • Establishment of the Third Republic
Central Government Commonwealth Military
President Harvard Irons
  • General Secretary Lee Oswald
  • Chairman Veren Kiaser
General Darwin Trump
Loyalist Forces
  • Loyalist Army
  • Loyalist Marines
  • 72nd Infantry Division
Commonwealth Armed Forces
  • Commonwealth Army
    • 184th Infantry Division
    • 84th Armored Battalion
  • Commonwealth Navy
  • Commonwealth Air Force
4,000 soldiers captured None

In 2048 a military coup against the Central Government was launched in response to the corrupt leadership of President Irons and eventually lead to the downfall of the Second Republic. The military soon took over and the Third Republic was established and caused major political issues and conflicts to erupt in response.


In 2048 the Preisdent of the United Commonwealth of America had grown to be a very tyrannical president as he sought to transform the country into his own vision. He was wildly unpopular with the people as he had done little for the flooded regions of Florida and was involved in a scandal in 2050 where he tried to suppress a failed attempt that caused over 400 people to die in a flooding incident down South. He attempted to use the military to suppress political dissidents and finally he was removed from power.

The CoupEdit

The coup occurred when Tanks and APCs of multiple armored divisions entered the capital city of New Washington and began to raid the capital buildings for President Irons and his cabinet members as well.