2040 Nuclear Attack in Tehran
Part of Post-Flood Conflicts
Aftermath Campaign

Tehran after the attack
Date August 2040
Location Tehran Iran
Result Tehran Destroyed
  • Iranian Government relocated
  • Nuclear réponse
Iran Iraqi Liberation Army
Ayatollah of Iran

President of Iran
Vice President of Iran
Major General of the Revolutionary Guard

President of Iraq (self-delcared)

Minister of Iraq (self-declared)

Iranian Armed Forces
  • Iranian Army
  • Iranian Air Force
  • Iranian Navy
  • Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Iraqi Militants
  • Sleeper agents
All Forces and Leaders inside Tehran All Forces and Operatives inside Tehran
After the attack on Tehran, newly annexed Baghdad became the new capitol of Iran and was renamed New Tehran

In 2040, militants and sleeper agents of the Iraqi Liberaiton Army had launched a nuclear attack on the city of Tehran in Iran in response to Iranian occupation of northern Iraq. The attack devestated the region and escalated the war in Iraq.


During the first ten years of the Post-Flood Conflicts, Iran had been waging war in Iraq and began to take contorl over the remianing land that was available and amassed great fortune and resources. During this time the Coalition backed Iraqi Liberation Army waged an insurgency against the Iranian Government and at one point aquired a nuclear bomb and planned to use it on Tehran and kill the nation's leaders. The plan was set in motion around August when Iranian Forces began to attack Fallujah and wanted them to pay the ultimate price.


The attacl was quick at first but then things heated up. During the drive to the Central Headquarters of the Iranian Central Government, the car with the bomb drove fast and soon ramed into the front lobby and gunshots were soon heard when the bomb went off. Immediatly the whole city was engulfed in nuclear fire and over 98% of the city was irradiated and 72% of the city was destoroyed. Casualties on a horrific scale were reported and soon afterwards the Ayatollah and President who were in Iranian Occupied Baghdad to adress the public hear about the news and the Iraqi Liberation Army immediatly took credit for the attack. Outrage from across the world was heard and the ILA immediatly lost all of its support.


Following the attack on Tehran, all Coalition nations stopped financing and giving aid to the ILA and things only got worse from their. Iraqi Sunnis had been the only remianing supporters and soon in reponse to the attacks, Iran launched multiple nuclear attacks against major Sunni cities and killed hundreds over 4 million Iraqis in reponse and eventually lead to the ILA dissolving with its forces wipped out and last stronghold seized by Iranian Special Forces.